About Us

Sina Gebhardt

Beauty Expert

  • Love for all things beauty
  • Industry professional since 2012
  • Sales & marketing expert
  • Worked with: Douglas, DM, Rossmann, Müller, Kaufhof, Karstadt, Amazon, parfumdreams, Flaconi
  • Worked for: Estee Lauder, LVMH Fragrance Brands, Louis Vuitton, Elizabeth Arden
  • Experience in dismantling niche market leaders (e.g. Ardell)
  • Growing retailer relationships for brands from the ground up

Benedict Gebhardt

Business Strategist

  • Experienced business founder
  • Developed a market leading brand in a niche market
  • Established multi-year contracts and partnerships with national and international corporations
  • Responsible for the structure of the company and its finances
  • Digital native
  • Affinity & expertise in social media brand & performance marketing
  • Web developer